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Sample Works

Origami Weave Image 1
Hummingbird Window Image 1
FG203-Red Coral Image 1
FGA154-Yellow-Amber Illusions 4
Sample Works

About the Artist

Robbie MacIver

When I think about my glass art, I can readily see that it is a continuation of my lifelong interest in building and creating things, coupled with the desire to continually learn and discover how things work. Early in my professional career, I was drawn to computer programming because it presented a problem to which I was tasked with designing and creating a solution.  As my consulting practice grew into team building and organizational development, I was still faced with the need to recognize the uniqueness of the situations and find creative solutions to address them. That element of creative problem solving is also present in designing and creating glass art.


As I neared retirement, I became interested in glass art because it provided new areas in which to learn and create. Not just the techniques of the craft but also the more intangibles of design, the use of lines, color, textures, and shading. Whether working in stained glass or kiln-formed glass, I spend considerable time with the original design of a work, repeatedly revising sketches and drawings. Next I select the exact glass that will fulfill the colors and textures of the design. To create a stained-glass work my first concern is judging how light is both projected on to and transmitted through the glass. For kiln-formed glass the concern is judging what heatwork is needed to create the effect I want. In either case, the build process follows a careful plan to ensure the final result.


In all my work I strive for precise lines and vibrant colors. Each work is unique and stands on its own. Throughout this journey, I am thankful to be learning new things and realize every day that there will always be more to know.  I am even more appreciative of the element of serendipity that is a part of all creative endeavors.

Ron Page

My interest in stained glass began fifteen years ago when a neighbor asked me to take a beginner’s class with him.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  What started off as a part-time hobby has grown into a full-time job in retirement.


My current interests include how glass might be used as fabric and how it can represent ocean life.

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