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Sample Works

Sample Works

Flowers for web1545
Flowers for web0235

About the Artist

Terry is a recent transplant from the Sierra Foothills of northern California. He is also a retired lawyer who has practiced law for 55 years.  Please don’t hold those two things against him. 


Terry has been taking pictures for about 75 years. Before digital cameras were invented, he spent a lot of time developing and printing his photos in a makeshift darkroom but quickly transferred from toxic chemicals in the dark to Photoshop and Lightroom and has never looked back. 


He is now finding the time to move forward with his photography and perhaps present photographs that will bring you as much enjoyment as he has experienced creating them.  Terry tends to emphasize landscapes but also loves macro photography, flowers, and abstracts.  He will assure you that any gift he might have does not include portrait photography.  Just ask his wife.

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