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About the Artist

Val Mayerik has been a successful commercial illustrator for forty years and has worked in all fields of illustration from advertising to comic books to film pre-production. He attended Youngstown State University in Ohio majoring in art and theater. Val then moved on to New York City to work for Marvel Comics and to establish himself as an illustrator.

Val worked for Marvel Comics for more than twenty years working on Conan the Barbarian, Spiderman and was co-creator of Howard the Duck. He went on to illustrate for Heavy Metal magazine, Creepy Eerie and Vampirella. He has also illustrated for Marvel's classic monster series and the Punisher. He then moved on to advertising working as a storyboard and concept artist for many large agencies such as Wieden and Kennedy, Liquid, McCann Ericson to name a few.

His clients have included Nike, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Miller Beer, Sony, Southern Comfort, New Zealand Travel, Coor's, Heineken, and Delta airlines. He worked for Modern Ciricullum Press doing educational and historical illustration for high school text books.

In the past ten years he has turned his attention to gallery work focusing mostly on the Western Art genre.

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