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Sample Works

Glass Plate
Poppy Platters
Flower Platter
Sample Works

About the Artist

As a teenager, Larson-Lohr took a summer sculpting class at a museum. She was hooked on art! Valerie loved creating but
wanted more color, so she moved into threads and fabrics, through spinning, weaving, knitting and garment


In the mid-90’s the artist discovered fused glass. Then moved into lampworking and then glass painting. She found she was able to capture the color, light, movement, and texture she was looking for in her art.


Larson-Lohr loves being able to combine all the different techniques she has learned into unique art pieces, whether it is functional glassware, wall art or jewelry.


Most recently she has been using her designs in quilting and translating them into glass. She finds that being able to cross over from such different media provides a challenge in perspective as well as being able to capture the essence of what she is trying to communicate.

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